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 Small -scale mobile grain dryer

Small -scale mobile grain dryer

Small -scale mobile grain dryer

Production Capacity


The dryer is mainly composed of a drying section, the balancing section and cooling period, etc. It adopts the mixed flow drying technology. The grains slowly flow downward along the channel between angular boxes under the effect of gravity. Hot air enters the dryer through the inlet angular box, and then cross the grain layer flow to the exhaust boxes around, becoming waste gas and being discharged from the dryer through the exhaust box. The temperature increase inside the dryer is a transfer process. Due to the thin grain layer,the power of fan is low and therefore the energy consumption and operation cost is much less. Making the clean hot air as the heat medium. Hot blast stove is composed of furnace and heat exchanger, etc. It uses the coal, straw, waste food and rice husk as fuel. The heat exchanger is made of heat resistant materials, which has a high thermal efficiency and long service life.

Working Principle

Mixed-flow tower grain dryers make use of the clean hot air as heat medium to dry grain. The interior of dryers is composed of angular ventilation boxes, which is arranged in a staggered arrangement. The angular boxes are filled with grains flowing downward. The hot air enters the intake angular box through the grain layer, and passes through the grain layer from above to below. The exhaust gas is discharged through the exhaust angular boxes. The hot air and grain flow concurrently and countercurrently with gran flow, which is also called mix flow. When the hot air passes through the grain layer, it has heat and moister transfer with gains: Hot air will transfer heat to the grain, raising the temperature of gain. The contained water evaporates into the air and becomes waste gas. The dried grains flow downward to the balancing section. After passing through the balancing section, the grains reach the balance point of temperature and moisture interiorly and exteriorly, achieving the uniform moisture reduction. Then the grains enter the cooling section and get cooled to storage temperature. Eventually the dried materials will be discharged through outlet.

Technical Parameters




output: kg/h



Dropping exten:%


Hot air temperature:℃


Unevenness of drying:


Coal consumptionkg/h


Performance characteristics

Fast drying and high efficiency

Small -scale mobile grain dryer has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and can dry raw material with high temperature hot air.

Low consumption and low cost

Small -scale mobile grain dryer has strong anti-overload capability, large processing capacity, low material consumption and low drying cost.

Low wear and long life

adopts "centering roller device", which makes the roller and roller ring have linear contact, which greatly reduces wear and power loss.

Low load, no block

new feeding and discharging device, which eliminates the blockage, discontinuity, unevenness and returning of rotary drum dryer, and reduces the load of the dust removal system.

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