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How much is a grass feed dryer?



  The grass feed dryer is suitable for rapid drying of alfalfa, green corn stalks, green grass, oat grass, and other grasses, low temperature drying, the color taste and nutrition damage of the hay is small, and the daily processing capacity is large. How much is a grass fodder dryer?

  Grass feed dryer

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  Grass drying is divided into natural drying methods and artificial drying, and grass feed dryers are manual mechanical drying methods, which are large-scale and centralized processing, and the common one is the drum dryer, which can burn coal and firewood (biomass Pellet fuel), fuel oil, gas and other heating, hot air quickly passes through the drying drum, repeated heat exchange with the grass, crushed grass feed moisture evaporated and heated to achieve the effect of drying.

  There are no restrictions on the type of grass feed dryer. The dryer equipment manufacturers can customize the production. It can dry 10 tons, 50 tons, 100 tons, 300 tons or more of grass feed materials every day.

  How much is a grass feed dryer

  Forage feed dryer manufacturers offer hundreds of thousands, or 200,000, hundreds of thousands are possible, determine the model and configuration (separate forage dryer or supporting forage crusher, baler and other equipment), give The accurate quotation is more informative, which is convenient for the user to evaluate and compare the market, and then select the grass feed dryer with higher cost performance.

  How much money the grass feed dryer reflects the equipment technology and quality level to a certain extent, so is the so-called price for a price. It is more guaranteed to choose a drying equipment manufacturer with a built project site, good reputation and mature technology.

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