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  Which alfalfa dryer manufacturer is better? How much does it cost to customize a continuous pasture dryer? There are many manufacturers on the market. The strength is difficult to distinguish, the reputation is difficult to judge, the process principle is similar, and the quality evaluation is difficult. So, look Which dryer manufacturer has more user sites is relatively more reliable.


  Which alfalfa dryer is good

  The planting area of ​​alfalfa in China continues to increase. Therefore, our company is rapidly transforming and customizing various types of alfalfa dryers. The low-temperature hot air rapid drying process improves the quality and production efficiency of alfalfa processing hay feed. Years of drying machine technology research and development and equipment customization production history, mature technology, many feed dryer projects, covering a wide range of fields, at the same time, our company’s industrial tumble dryer exports and reputation are also very good, especially in Southeast Asia In the country, the proportion of forage drying projects is also very considerable.

  There are indeed many manufacturers of alfalfa dryers, and it is really difficult for users to buy them. Can you have both price and quality? It is possible in Zhengzhou Dingli dryer manufacturer. Our company adopts a strict processing and production supervision system, with quality evaluation every week, monthly reports are public, rewards and penalties are clear, and the processing dryer equipment does not pass the quality inspection and does not leave the factory.

  Therefore, it is not an impulse for many people to choose our forage continuous dryer. Alfalfa drying is also a continuous drying process, with high intelligence and low manpower requirements. The daily output starts from 5 tons, and there is no limit. For details, please refer to the continuous drying of forages taken at the user site of our company. Machine video.

  Pasture continuous dryer video

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