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  Protein mulberry is also known as feed mulberry. Protein mulberry leaves are rich in carbohydrates, protein, fatty acids, cellulose, vitamins and minerals. At present, it is used as feed material and other applications. The protein mulberry can be used as feed through crushing and drying. What is the specific process of drying the protein mulberry as a feed? Today I will share with you the process flow of the feed mulberry dryer.


  After a large amount of protein mulberries are processed by the crushing equipment, the crushed feed mulberries are sent by the conveyor to the drum to achieve downstream drying. The feed mulberries are continuously picked up and scattered under the inner layer of the copying plate and move forward in a spiral manner. , Middle and outer layers, to realize the heat exchange between the feed mulberry and the hot air. The dry feed mulberry moves quickly and is discharged out of the drum under the action of the wind. The wet feed mulberry that does not reach the drying effect cannot move quickly due to its own weight. The feed mulberry is under control Fully drying is carried out during the trip to achieve the drying effect. The moisture content of the feed mulberry is reduced to the moisture required by the customer. The drying process is completed and discharged by the screw conveyor to enter the subsequent material packaging process.

There are 18 kinds of amino acids in protein mulberry, accounting for more than 10% of mulberry leaf dry matter. Among these amino acids, animal essential and non-essential amino acids account for more than half of the total, as well as 6 vitamins and 8 minerals, which have high nutritional value as feed. A large amount of protein mulberry and other material resources can be used by using protein mulberry dryers (feed mulberry dryers), etc. Zhengzhou Dingli can currently provide various specifications and models of feed mulberry dryer equipment according to customer needs. Welcome to consult whatsapp +8615670626070.

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