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Potato residue processing feed equipment customization



  How does potato residue become feed for cattle and sheep? The potato residue from the starch factory has been dehydrated, dried, mixed and stirred, and granulated. The production process of mixed feed has been mature. The market supply of potato residue processing feed equipment is sufficient and the price is not expensive. Dingli will fully customize and produce a complete set of potato residue feed drying production equipment.


  The potato residue is processed into cattle and sheep feed through mechanical extrusion and dehydration. The belt dehydrator is the main method. The high-moisture potato residue is pressed and dried on the filter belt through multiple extrusion zones. The moisture content of the dehydrated potato residue is about 60%. Short-term storage and transportation can also continue to enter the potato residue drying and pelleting production line, which will significantly reduce the operating cost of subsequent processing equipment.

  The potato residue dryer in the potato residue processing feed equipment belongs to the high-temperature hot air drying process, which is divided into two parts: high-temperature drum dryer and low-temperature airflow drying. This process ensures that the potato residue is not black, sticky, and Without saccharification, processed potato residue feed has a higher taste and nutritional content.

  The potato dregs mixture after mixing and nutrient ingredient blending enters the granulation process, and the subsequent steps of the potato dregs feed processing equipment are about to be completed. The potato dregs granulator has high molding rate, uniform particles, appropriate density, low power consumption, and durable equipment. The follow-up is the filling machine.

  Zhengzhou Dingli custom-produces the entire production line of potato residue feed processing equipment, free installation and technical debugging, has more than 15 years, the technology is proficient, the equipment processing is fine, whether it is the cost of potato residue feed processing and environmental protection, it has passed market inspection and survival of the fittest.Welcome to inquiry and order.

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