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How to drying sweet potato seedlings/Straw drying equipment video



  Some people have asked how to drying sweet potato seedlings, vegetable seedlings drying and other plant stems, leaves and stalks, which can be solved by a straw drying equipment. The drum dryer structure does not occupy a large area and can dry more than 1 ton in 1 hour. Various herb stalks, there are dryer videos for reference to understand the process principle.


  The drying principle of sweet potato seedlings or vegetable seedlings is the same as that of corn stalks, soybean stalks, rice straws, rice stalks, etc. It is quickly dried by high-temperature hot air, using industrial tumble dryers as the carrier, and mostly using biomass fuel burners as the heat source. The drying process is environmentally friendly and energy-saving. The production capacity of the sweet potato seedling dryer is not limited. 1 ton per hour or 100 tons per hour is feasible. The dryer manufacturer customizes the production, including what heat source is used, the moisture content of the sweet potato seedling, and whether it is equipped with a crusher Or mechanical equipment such as granulators.

  For how to run the production of sweet potato rice seed dryer, please refer to the video of our grass fodder dryer. The users of the examination room please consult and contact for arrangement.

  Grass fodder dryer video

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