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Where is the integrated wet tea residue dryer



  The so-called integrated wet tea residue dryer also includes the entire production line equipment from tea residue dehydration to drying. Whether it is tea residue dehydration equipment or dryer equipment, there are two processes and structural configurations. How to choose , Subject to user requirements. The tea dregs dryer manufacturer Zhengzhou Dingli has nearly 20 years of old manufacturers can customize.


  Wet tea residue dryer

  The first choice wet tea residue dryer is more suitable for rapid drying of wet materials with water content of about 60%. Excessive moisture affects the production efficiency of the dryer, while increasing the fuel cost of the drying process and reducing the profit margin of wet tea residue drying. Therefore, if half of the users’ wet tea residues have a moisture content of more than 60%, they are equipped with a tea residue dehydrator. There are two forms of screw extrusion dehydrator and belt filter press with the same effect. The specifications and models can be customized, subject to user requirements. 

  Wet tea residue dryer has two forms and process principles: steam dryer and high temperature air dryer: The steam dryer is mainly processed by steam technology through steam pipes to meet the temperature and heat required for wet residue drying. Therefore, The drum dryer is divided into the internal structure of the high temperature hot air dryer.

  The high temperature hot air dryer is heated by hot air stoves of various fuel forms, and the hot air that meets the requirements is output into the tumble dryer, and directly exchanges heat with the wet tea residues to quickly evaporate and dry. At present, in view of my country's environmental protection requirements, the hot blast stove of the new air dryer has a variety of clean fuel forms such as gas, oil, and biomass fuel. It is equipped with multi-stage dust collectors for exhaust gas treatment and meets the requirements of environmental assessment.

  Wet tea residue dryer is customized, please consult.


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