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Cassava Residue Dryer Pictures, Videos and Prices



  Cassava residue drying feed has low cost, high selling price and good sales. Therefore, many people invest in the cassava residue drying feed project. To dry the wet cassava residue to make feed, you only need to invest in a cassava residue drying production line. Below are pictures, videos and prices of the cassava residue dryer. I hope it will help you.


  Picture of dryer for baking cassava residue

  The water content of fresh cassava residue is generally about 80%. It needs to be dehydrated first. The cassava residue processed by the Dingli cassava residue dehydrator is sent to the cassava residue dryer by the conveying equipment, and is continuously picked up and scattered by the internal copy board. Spiral advance, the built-in stirring blade device fully stirs and breaks the cassava dregs, fully expands the heat exchange area between the cassava dregs and the hot air, and the cassava dregs and the hot air fully exchange heat, and the moisture quickly evaporates and vaporizes, reaching about 35%. The drum is completed. The drying process is discharged by a screw conveyor and enters the semi-wet cassava dregs special crusher, crushes the cassava dregs particle size to below the specified specifications, enters the pulse air drying process, and the cassava dregs quickly drop to the customer's required moisture. Follow-up can be equipped with molding, packaging and other processes.

  On-site operation video of dryer for drying cassava residue

  What is the price of cassava residue dryer? The price depends mainly on factors, including quality, model, manufacturer, and market. Zhengzhou Dingli specializes in the production of cassava residue dehydration and drying feed processing equipment, which is directly supplied by the manufacturer. The price is 1-2% lower than the general market price. The quality is guaranteed and the service is better. It is more worthwhile to establish a caring and friendly cooperative relationship with users. Trusted big brand manufacturer.

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