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Application of locust leaf dryer in feed processing line



  Can locust leaves dry quickly? The dedicated locust leaf dryer has been launched, and the locust leaf processing feed production line is used to improve the quality and production efficiency of mixed feed and reduce the processing cost of locust leaf. The dried locust leaf feed can replace monthly feed and has good value in feeding cattle, sheep, chickens and ducks.

  Sophora locust leaf contains crude protein, crude fat, crude fiber, calcium, lysine, and a variety of vitamins, especially carotene and vitamin E2. The protein content of 2 kg of locust leaf powder is equivalent to 1 kg of bean cake, so use The cost advantage of locust leaf instead of bean cake is more obvious. The locust leaf can be fed directly, or it can be crushed, dried, packaged, stored for a long time, and fed to livestock and poultry during the spring withered grass.

  Sophora leaf dryer


  The locust leaf dryer mostly uses low-temperature hot air for rapid drying, which plays a key role in the nutritional value of locust leaf and reduces loss to a greater extent. The tumble dryer is used as the carrier, and the three-cylinder dryer is mainly used, also called the rotating drum. The main supporting equipment includes heat source equipment, drying drum, conveying equipment, dust removal equipment, electric control equipment, fan equipment, etc. Generally, the locust leaf drying production line has equipment such as crushing, drying, mixing and stirring, granulating, and packaging. , According to user requirements for production line planning and design.

  The heat source equipment of the current locust leaf dryer is very important. The drying project must first meet the requirements of the environmental assessment before the subsequent purchase, equipment customization, production line construction, and equipment installation and commissioning can be carried out. Zhengzhou Jiutian Sophora Leaf Dryer has been in the business for more than 10 years, and you can contact and arrange to visit the user site.


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