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  Drying forage to make feed is the main processing method for many forages at present. Caragana korshinskii can also be processed into feed by crushing and drying. Where is the current drying equipment for Caragana korshinskii? Zhengzhou Dingli is a manufacturer of korshinsk feed drying equipment, which can provide medium and large-scale korshinsk drying equipment, which can meet the production needs of domestic and foreign customers for drying and processing korshinsk.

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  Zhengzhou Dingli Caragana feed dryer equipment is designed, developed, manufactured, and produced according to the current market demand for caragana drying. The equipment applies a brand-new drying process. The equipment has large capacity and high efficiency, which can save certain operating costs. At the same time, the production line can use a variety of heat sources such as biomass pellet fuel, clean coal, steam, and natural gas, and the equipment is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

  The Zhengzhou Caragana korshinskii drying production line has a variety of accessories such as crushing equipment, heat source equipment, feeding equipment, caragana drying equipment, dust removal equipment, electric control equipment, and discharging equipment. The production line configuration is also different according to customer needs in different regions. For equipment specifications, please call +8615670626070, Zhengzhou Dingli technical team will optimize equipment selection according to customer production needs, and provide customers with suitable production line solutions and equipment.

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