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  A variety of forage materials such as straw and forage are one of the main raw materials for making feed. Many customers use straw forage drying to dry materials with higher moisture. The efficiency of the dryer directly affects the finished product and effect of material drying, so choose suitable The straw forage dryer is very important for material handling.

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  At present, what brand of corn stalk forage dryer is good? Zhengzhou Dingli is a large-scale straw drying equipment manufacturer. It can design and manufacture straw drying equipment according to customer needs. The daily processing capacity can meet the drying needs of tens to hundreds of tons. Straw forage drying equipment is suitable for corn stalks, soybean stalks, cotton stalks, peanut stalks, sweet potato stalks, alfalfa grass, emperor bamboo grass, oat grass and other forage materials. The equipment is not directly supplied by the manufacturer, and the equipment uses a new drying The technology greatly improves the drying efficiency of forage. Currently, it is applied in many projects at home and abroad. Zhengzhou Dingli not only provides high-quality dryer equipment, but also provides services such as program design and project construction to create a one-stop service for customers.

  Corn stalk forage drying production line configuration: crushing equipment, heating system, feeding and discharging equipment, straw forage dryer equipment, dust removal equipment, electric control equipment, baling equipment and other equipment. The production line is currently configured according to different customer needs There are differences, please call +8615670626070 for specific equipment specifications.

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