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  What are the models of soy sauce residue drying equipment, how much is the price, and the video of users drying soy sauce, these can be answered in line with expectations from the industrial feed dryer manufacturer in Zhengzhou for more than 10 years, free installation and performance debugging, soy sauce residue drying Dry processing feed equipment has lower operating costs.

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 Soy sauce residue drying equipment

  The common equipment for drying soy sauce residues, rough, wheat husks, wheat lees and other feeds are industrial tumble dryers, steam dryers and tumble dryers. The technology is mature and the dried soy sauce residues are clean and the color is not black. No paste, less loss of nutritional value, processed soy sauce residue mixed feed has lower cost and higher market competitiveness.

  Soy sauce residue drying video

  How much is the price of soy sauce residue drying equipment

  How much is the price of a soy sauce residue drying equipment? The price positioning of Zhengzhou Dingli dryer is of strategic significance for long-term development. At the same time, the price is profitable and the added value is high. It may be hundreds of thousands or hundreds of thousands, all of which have their due values.

  Zhengzhou Dingli customizes and supplies the model of soy sauce residue drying equipment, please consult on site inspection

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