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  How to quickly dry a large amount of straw and straw materials can actually be processed by straw dryer equipment. Zhengzhou Dingli has introduced a new type of straw dryer equipment according to the needs of users, which is suitable for corn stalks, sorghum stalks, straw and other materials , Can quickly dry the material.

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  The treatment process of Zhengzhou Dingli straw dryer equipment: the crushed straw and other straw materials enter the Dingli straw dryer equipment to achieve downstream drying, and the straws are continuously picked up and scattered under the inner layer of the stalk dryer and move forward in spiral , Through the inner, middle and outer layers, the heat exchange between the straw and the hot air is realized. The straw that achieves the drying effect is quickly discharged out of the drum under the action of the wind, and the wet straw that does not achieve the drying effect cannot travel quickly due to its own weight. Fully drying is carried out inside, so as to achieve the drying effect, the moisture of the straw is reduced to the moisture required by the customer, and the drying process is completed and discharged by the screw conveyor. A special removal device is installed inside the drum to prevent uneven drying of the straw.

  Zhengzhou Dingli straw dryer is a new type of equipment launched by the Dingli technical team through continuous technological innovation. The equipment has large processing capacity, high drying efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. Customers in need can call +8615670626070 for consultation.

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