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  The feed low-temperature tumble dryer is also the private chat tumble dryer, which realizes the conveying movement of private chat raw materials through the inclination angle and rotation of the drum, so that the drying is even, the daily output and drying capacity meet the user requirements, and the feed is dried. How much is the price of a dry equipment?


  Feed dryer is a collective name for many equipment for rapid drying of slag feed and grass feed. It is subdivided into centralized rotary drum dryer results and drying processes, such as multi-layer copy board drying structure and 30% rotary drying structure. Steam tube drying structure, drum drying and airflow drying mode, high and low temperature combined drying process, etc., specific material characteristics are handled by specific drying technology.

  Therefore, the processing of the feed dryer is rigorous and scientific, and not a tumble dryer can dry all slag feed or forage feed. The price of a specific feed dryer also depends on the specific drying materials, dryer structure and process selection, feed dryer production line configuration and other factors.

  It is not that the lower-priced feed dryer is more affordable, and not all expensive drying equipment is more technically content and cost-effective to meet the needs of users for low-cost drying and high-yield.

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