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  Drying beer yeast to make feed is one of the main processing methods of yeast. Drying a large amount of beer yeast requires the use of mechanical equipment. Which equipment is better for beer yeast drying? Zhengzhou Dingli is currently purchased by many customers by virtue of its advantages such as large processing capacity and high efficiency, and is used in many projects.

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  Zhengzhou Dingli is a yeast dryer manufacturer. At present, it can design and manufacture yeast dryer equipment according to customer needs. The equipment has been used in many enterprises. Today I will briefly introduce Dingli yeast dryer equipment. Zhengzhou Dingli yeast drying The machine is a dryer that heats materials and vaporizes moisture by indirect conduction heating. It is heated by steam. The drying cylinder (roller) is a metal hollow cylinder with a processed outer surface and extremely smooth surface. Driven by a transmission device (large and small gear transmission), the drying cylinder rotates in the axial direction and the speed is adjustable. The slurry is preheated in the preheating tank, preheated to about 50℃, and fed into the dipping tank at the lower part of the drying cylinder by a feed pump. The drying cylinder is immersed in about 60-80mm, and the outer surface of the rotating drying cylinder is coated with a Layer uniform slurry (ie film thickness), the steam pressure in the dryer is 0.15-0.3Mpa, the slurry is heated on the outer wall of the dryer, and the moisture is vaporized and discharged by the axial fan. The drying cylinder rotates once, the materials are dried, and the flake materials are discharged by the scraper on the outer wall of the drying cylinder, and fall to the discharge port for collection.

  The above is the working process of Dingli Yeast Dryer. There are many specifications and models of Dingli Yeast Dryer. Customers in need are welcome to call +8615670626070 for consultation.

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