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  The amount of sweet potato powder residue after starch extraction is large, the moisture is large, and it is difficult to store and transport. The comprehensive utilization of sweet potato residue is more common for sweet potato residue processing feed, and the sweet potato residue dryer is one of the equipment used for the dehydration and drying of potato residue. Sweet potato residue has low moisture and low cost. How much does it cost to buy a sweet potato residue dryer?

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  The waste residue from the processing of sweet potato starch extraction is also sweet potato residue. The moisture content is usually about 80%. It is easy to cause pollution when stored or transported. The simple sweet potato residue treatment equipment mainly includes potato residue dehydrator and sweet potato residue dryer, which mainly remove Remove the moisture of potato residue, extend the storage period, and avoid the formation of waste residue factory pollution and storage deterioration.

  The sweet potato residue dryer adopts a high-temperature heat rapid drying process, which can dry more than 20 tons of wet residue per day, and the moisture content of the dried potato residue is 15%. The storage period is long. The processed potato residue feed quality is good, the cost is low, and the forming rate is high. .

  How much is a sweet potato residue dryer? Look at the specific model, production line configuration standard, manufacturer's price positioning and profitability. For details, you can consult the quotation plan for the price of sweet potato residue dryer to learn more about cost analysis and production line planning.

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