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  The equipment for drying cassava dregs is also a special dryer for cassava dregs, which is mainly a tumble dryer. The high-heat air drying process makes the cost of drying cassava dregs relatively lower. However, under the premise of different heat sources and fuels, the running cost of the dryer is also There will be obvious differences, and there will be cost analysis in the design of spinous process technology.

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  The cost of drying cassava residue is affected by the power consumption, heat utilization rate, drying structure, insulation design and processing quality of the cassava residue dryer, especially under the conditions of outdoor operation in winter. The heat preservation and heat utilization rate are even more important.

  Zhengzhou Dingli cassava residue dryer manufacturer has been in the field of high-humidity waste residue dehydration and drying equipment for 15 years. It has participated in the dehydration and drying of various slag raw materials. There are not a few specifications and models of drying equipment. It is available in domestic and foreign markets, and its reputation is All the way up, rely on more rigorous processing quality and standards.

  Therefore, our energy-saving technology is remarkable in terms of the fuel consumption and power consumption costs of the cassava residue dryer. More detailed analysis of the drying technology of acres of groceries. It can be seen that our tailor-made technical solutions, please consult on site inspection.

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