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  Zhengzhou Dingli is a sweet potato residue dryer supplier and manufacturer. It can design and manufacture sweet potato residue dryer equipment according to the needs of customers in different regions. Currently Zhengzhou Dingli has built many sweet potato residue drying projects. Today I will share with you Zhengzhou Dingli Construction A live video of a sweet potato residue drying project.

potato residue dryer.jpg

  The above is the on-site processing video of the sweet potato residue dryer of a certain project. A large amount of sweet potato residue is quickly processed by Zhengzhou Dingli sweet potato residue dehydration and drying equipment. The moisture of the sweet potato residue is dried to the customer's demand and then made into subsequent products such as feed. Zhengzhou Dingli potato residue dryer equipment has been used in many projects. Dingli sweet potato residue dryer equipment has the advantages of large processing capacity, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, etc. It has been praised by many customers. Customers in need can call +8615670626070 for consultation and purchase equipment.

  Zhengzhou Dingli potato residue dryer equipment can not only dry and process sweet potato residue, but also suitable for cassava residue, potato residue and other powder residue materials. The equipment can meet the drying needs of several tons to dozens of tons in one hour. Welcome everyone to the factory to discuss cooperation in potato residue drying project.

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