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  Large-scale forage drying equipment can dry hundreds of tons of fresh grass a day, including alfalfa grass, giant fungus grass, emperor bamboo grass, etc. The model can be customized to adapt to the user's staged fresh grass harvested hay processing. How much is such a large-scale forage dryer? The video of forage drying was recorded on site for reference.


  Large-scale forage drying equipment

  The daily output of large-scale forage drying equipment has no fixed value. Some users continue to produce and dry how many tons per day, while many users are staged production, drying hundreds of thousands of tons of fresh pasture a month, so the pasture dryer equipment model is not fixed. Users can customize according to actual production volume.

  How much is a large-scale forage dryer equipment, in addition to the model, it also depends on the configuration, whether it is natural gas drying, biomass fuel, or coal-fired heating methods, and the dust collector selects a single, two-stage or multi-stage system, etc. The specific price of a forage dryer can be used for reference.

  Forage dryer video

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