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  The forage dryer is the main machine for rapid dehydration of forage. The whole drying process does not pollute the forage, guarantees the quality and taste of the dry forage, is convenient for transportation and feeding, and improves the storage time of the forage. The favorite of pasture farm users. Dingli customer service has recently received many inquiries from customers: "How much is a 1 ton forage dryer per hour?" This article will provide you with a detailed answer to this question, and I hope it will be helpful to you.


  The forage dryer quickly processes wet grass in large quantities. The dried forage has a fresh color and good taste when used as feed. At the same time, because the equipment uses low-temperature hot air drying technology, it can directly heat exchange with the forage material curtain to complete the drying process Therefore, the drying process of the forage is very fast, and the loss of nutrition is very small. The 1 ton per hour forage dryer is a small equipment, and the market price is between hundreds of thousands. Due to different equipment configurations and manufacturers, the quotation is also different. When choosing, you must not only care about the price, but choose the right model and the right manufacturer. Good job.

  Pasture dryer video-real shots of the Indian project

  Zhengzhou Dingli has been committed to the research and development and production of forage dryer equipment for 20 years. The rigorous production process, automated production equipment and factory direct sales methods have enabled Zhengzhou Dingli to ensure product quality at a relatively low cost and adopt small profits. The marketing method of sales is positioned as an intermediate product in the market, and it is cost-effective. This is also the reason why many customers choose the best.

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