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   The new type of feed dryer refers to the feed drying equipment after the technical improvement of the heat source equipment and the dust collector. It uses more gas, biomass and clean fuel for the hot blast stove to heat and dry the secondary dust collector production line. This new type How much is the price of feed dryer equipment to Dingli?

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  Dingli new feed dryer equipment price

  The technology of the new feed dryer supplied to Shandong mainly focuses on environmental protection and energy saving. Compared with traditional feed drying, it has a greater breakthrough and is more in line with the current economic development requirements of our country. So, is the positioning of the improved new feed drying equipment elevated?

  Zhengzhou Dingli's feed drying equipment is no longer supplied to Shandong. The feedback from users of the new feed dryer technology is positive and praised, which confirms our comprehensive technical strength and higher cost-effectiveness of feed drying equipment.

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