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  The sweet potato residue dehydrator is based on mechanical pressure to dehydrate the wet sweet potato residue. Most of them are belt filter presses. The solid material recovery rate is high and the dehydration effect is stable. The dehydration capacity of the belt filter press equipment is basically about 20 moisture. , How much is the price of a sweet potato residue dehydrator?


  It is normal for the price of sweet potato residue dehydrator to range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. The model of dehydrator is not limited. Therefore, how much model is customized for the user's production needs, and the price of belt filter press is different for different models. Compared with its price, the power consumption of the sweet potato residue dehydrator is more important, which directly affects the profit margin of sweet potato residue dehydration.

  A good sweet potato residue dehydrator is not only durable, reasonable in price, but also has low power consumption, low maintenance costs, high production efficiency, and continuous operation. Zhengzhou Dingli not only customizes and supplies sweet potato residue dehydrator, but the price is not expensive, but also various types of sweet potato residue dehydrator, various heat source forms, free installation and debugging, many user cases, and good reputation.

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