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  The choice of fuel is related to the overall cost of the brewer's grain dryer operation and the quality of the finished product. How can a brewer's grain dryer suitable for a variety of fuels be available? Zhengzhou Dingli's 20-year distiller's grain dryer manufacturer has customized production to meet the production needs of different users.


  In response to the current diversified market demand for beer lees dryer fuel, Dingli has upgraded the heat source technology of beer lees dryer, changing the traditional single heat supply to multiple heat sources, which can be applied to steam, gas, natural gas, coke oven gas, and biomass. Various fuels such as pellets and coal can improve the cleanliness of heating and reduce the configuration of subsequent dust removal processes on the premise of ensuring stable and sufficient heating.

  Zhengzhou Dingli customizes and supplies beer lees drying equipment. The equipment model, capacity, heat source, etc. can be designed and configured according to user production requirements, and equipment installation and commissioning, technical guidance and other services are provided free of charge.

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