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  The difference between dried lees and dried lees is the production cycle, the quality and cost of dried lees. Compared with the lees drying machine, the drying efficiency of the lees is higher. The dried lees is evenly dried and wet, and the color is clean and the taste is good. Therefore, beer lees drying equipment is more popular in feed mills and breweries.


  Drying of brewer's lees requires good weather, a large plant area, and no requirement on the cycle and supply of dried distiller's lees, otherwise the ability to supply dried distiller's lees will have been lost. In addition, the drying of beer lees cannot guarantee the uniformity of dryness and wetness, which will affect the storage period and quality of beer lees.

  These problems and requirements do not exist for beer lees dryer equipment. Its daily output ranges from tens of tons to more than 100 tons. There is no upper limit. The expected production capacity can be completed within 8, 10 or 24 hours. It is more flexible and more efficient, and its high degree of mechanization reduces manpower requirements and costs. At the same time, the uniform material curtain, uniformly heated high-temperature rapid drying process, drying the beer lees, is dry and wet, and does not affect its storage cycle and The quality is more suitable for the production of brewer's grain processing feed.

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