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  A large amount of waste residues are produced during the processing of soybeans into soy sauce. These soy sauce residues have a certain reuse value. Customers with soy sauce residue resources can purchase soybean soy sauce residue dryers to process them. Where can they be bought on the market at present To the soy sauce residue dryer equipment? Zhengzhou Dingli is a soysauce residue drying equipment manufacturer that can provide a variety of types of dryer equipment. Today, I will briefly introduce Dingli soy sauce residue drying equipment.


  Dingli soy sauce residue drying equipment can quickly dry sauce residues with a moisture content of 65-75% to dry products with a moisture content of less than 13%. The unit uses coal (natural gas, steam) as the energy source, hot air as the drying medium, and the use of strong hot air to dry all kinds of wet materials at a high temperature and instantaneous temperature difference. The main engine transmission device adopts electromagnetic speed regulation and is equipped with Automatic temperature control device, the color of the dried product after drying is good, and the color, flavor and nutrient content of the original material are retained as much as possible.

  Zhengzhou Dingli soy sauce residue dryer equipment is directly supplied by the manufacturer at a favorable price. At the same time, Zhengzhou Dingli's soy sauce residue dryer is optimized by the Dingli technical team according to customer needs to better meet customer needs. By combining local  environmental assessment requirements, Choose suitable heat source and dust removal equipment.

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