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  Many fresh grasses can be dried and processed into feed to meet the needs of different farmers. How to deal with a large number of fresh grasses? How to dry fresh grass? Zhengzhou Dingli is a large-scale forage dryer equipment. Dingli fresh grass dryer can dry a large amount of fresh grass. Today, I will share with you a picture of the Dingli fresh grass dryer process.


  The process flow of the fresh grass dryer: the fresh grass with a moisture content of about 45-75% is fed into the drum by the conveyor to achieve downstream drying. The fresh grass is continuously picked up and scattered under the inner layer of the copy board and moves forward in a spiral. Through the inner, middle and outer layers, the heat exchange between fresh grass and hot air is realized. The fresh grass that achieves the drying effect quickly travels out of the drum under the action of the wind. The wet fresh grass that does not achieve the drying effect cannot travel quickly due to its own weight. Fully drying is carried out in the control stroke to achieve the drying effect, the moisture of the grass is reduced to the moisture required by the customer, and the drying process is completed and discharged by the screw conveyor.

  A large amount of fresh grass can be processed by using Zhengzhou Dingli fresh grass dryer equipment. Dingli pasture dryer equipment is suitable for various materials such as emperor bamboo grass, oat grass, alfalfa grass and elephant grass. Forage dryers that can handle dozens of tons to hundreds of tons are welcome to come to the factory to buy.

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