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  How much can one pound of sweet potato residue be dried? Many new customers have questions about this. The 20-year sweet potato powder residue dryer manufacturer in Henan will give you a detailed introduction and provide a video reference for the sweet potato powder residue dryer.


  How much sweet potato residue can be dried per pound

  With the development of the sweet potato processing industry, the output of sweet potato powder slag is increasing rapidly. If it is not handled properly, it is easy to cause waste of resources and environmental pollution. Sweet potato dregs drying is currently the main way of feed processing of sweet potato dregs resources. The dried sweet potato dregs are convenient for storage or feed processing and have high market competitiveness. And how much can one pound of sweet potato residue be dried? It also depends on the moisture content of the raw material of sweet potato residue and the moisture content of the finished sweet potato residue. For example, the sweet potato residue with 80% water content is dried to about 12%. In an ideal state, one pound of sweet potato residue can dry 0.22 kg of dry powder residue.

  Sweet potato powder residue dryer video

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