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  At present, a lot of waste residues are produced during the processing of many fruit juices, such as orange slag, orange slag, etc. These slags are rich in nutrients and can be used as feed materials for reprocessing. The drying of orange slag requires the use of a dryer equipment, how much is the current large-scale orange residue drying equipment? What is the approximate price of the orange residue dryer?


  Since orange slag dryer equipment is a non-standard product, the price of orange slag dryer equipment from different manufacturers is different. What is the specific equipment? You need to determine the specific model before you can get a quotation. The equipment model of the orange residue dryer is related to the processing capacity and moisture. Therefore, when you consult the price of the orange residue dryer, you can provide the specific requirements to the sales staff. To get accurate equipment prices, Zhengzhou Dingli is a large-scale orange slag dryer equipment manufacturer. Currently, it has launched a variety of specifications and models of drying equipment according to market demand. The production line can be equipped with multiple heat sources and dust removal. The production line configuration will also affect the overall cost. , So if you want to know the price of orange slag dryer equipment, please call +8615670626070 for consultation.

  Zhengzhou Dingli currently has launched a large-scale pomace dehydration and drying equipment manufacturer. Dingli pomace dryer equipment is suitable for apple pomace, orange pomace, pear pomace, peach pomace, orange pomace and other materials. The equipment can be customized according to customer needs. Welcome Everyone comes to the factory to buy.

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