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  There is no limit to how much hay can be dried by a small hay dryer. Hay with a yield of tens of thousands of catties or several thousand catties per mu can be processed by special forage drying equipment to process hay feed or biomass fuel. How much is a small hay dryer?


  The low-temperature hot air drying process of small hay dryers uses biomass burners, natural gas burners or oil burners and other hot blast stoves to supply heat, output hot air, and quickly pass through the wet grass curtain. In the three-layer rotary drum dryer structure, Dry the wet grass repeatedly to achieve the drying effect and discharge it out of the drum.

  Small-scale pasture dryer manufacturers adopt customized production. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about how much hay per mu can be dried. You can purchase dryer equipment only if you need mechanized operations. The manufacturer will follow and debug for free and provide technical guidance to ensure timely production. 

  How much is a small hay dryer? Hundreds of thousands or hundreds of thousands are worth the money, and many user cases have really proved the cost-effectiveness of our forage dryer equipment. Please consult for customization. At the same time, it can be exported abroad for free installation and debugging.


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