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  During the peak season of cabbage trading, a large number of discarded cabbage leaves are produced every day. These discarded cabbage leaves have high moisture content and are perishable and deteriorate, causing pollution to the surrounding environment. How to deal with these waste cabbage leaves has always been a difficult problem for the local government. So how to deal with discarded cabbage leaves? Is there a good way to deal with waste vegetable leaves?

  How to deal with discarded cabbage leaves?


  The tail vegetable residue contains a large amount of nutrients and trace elements, which has great potential for development and utilization. Because the material contains a large amount of water, the current method for processing waste tea is to pulverize, dehydrate, and dry. Waste vegetable leaves have high solid content and low water content, which is convenient for storage, export or reprocessing of cabbage leaves into feed, organic fertilizer, etc. By dehydrating and drying the waste vegetable leaves, it not only realizes the resource utilization of waste, but also solves the problems of environmental pollution caused by waste vegetable leaves. It can be described as a good project that serves multiple purposes.

  Zhengzhou Dingli specializes in the production of waste vegetable leaf dehydration dryer, a complete set of waste vegetable leaf drying and feed processing equipment and waste vegetable leaf drying organic fertilizer production equipment. Customized supply, unlimited production capacity, daily processing more than ten tons, dozens Tons, hundreds of tons, etc. can be used, and the equipment can run continuously for 24 hours with high flexibility.

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