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  In the early stage of the purchase of potato residue dryer, many users asked to see the pictures of potato residue drying equipment and case videos. Since then, they can have a preliminary understanding of the equipment composition of the production line. Secondly, they can have a preliminary understanding of the whole process of potato residue drying, which is convenient Follow-up equipment purchase. Based on this, this article specially shares pictures of potato residue drying equipment and case video display

  Potato residue drying equipment pictures   

potato residue dryer.jpg

  Potato residue drying equipment case video 

This video is a live shot of the case of Dingli Yunnan potato residue drying project. Through a series of technological processes such as mechanical dehydration + drum drying + air drying, the potato residue is quickly evaporated and gasified. The dried potato residue has a water content of about 12, which is convenient Long-term preservation or feed processing guarantees supply and demand in all seasons.  Zhengzhou Dingli has focused on the production of potato residue drying equipment for 20 years and has rich experience. It can provide you with customized large, medium and small potato residue drying equipment to meet your various needs as much as possible; there is a reasonable quotation here, we are direct sales from the factory, and there is no middle Merchants make the difference, and the quotations given to you are all preferential ex-factory prices; with perfect service, we will install and debug equipment for you for free, and there will be irregular return visits. If you find any problems in the later operation, you can find us to solve them. 

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