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After vinasse is dehydrated, it is convenient for long-term storage and can improve the feeding value.

The brewer's grain dehydrator is an important link in the brewer's grain feed system. Due to the high moisture content of the brewer's grains, a large amount of heat energy will be consumed in the drying process. A part of the free moisture in the brewer's grains is removed in advance by the brewer's grain dehydrator to reduce the drying process. Energy consumption greatly reduces the burden of the brewer's grain dryer, and the output is greatly increased. At present, this set of equipment has been put into use in many domestic beer companies and feed processing companies, and has created considerable economic benefits.

Advantages of dried brewer's grains: low cost of brewer's grain recovery, large output, rich nutrients, and good fattening effect. Drying the brewer's grains into unconventional animal feed can promote animal growth, reduce breeding costs, and greatly alleviate the shortage of feed resources.

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