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Pear residue is the remainder of fresh pears after crushing and squeezing the juice. It is mainly composed of peel, core and residual pulp. It contains rich nutrients such as soluble sugar, vitamins, minerals and cellulose. It is a good feed resource. Dry it to make it light yellow and fragrant. It is convenient for long-term storage and can increase the economic price.

After 20 pieces of water are removed from the pomace by the dehydrator, it is transported to the pomace dryer by a conveyor. Under the turning of the internal plate, the pomace is fully contacted with hot air and quickly evaporates and gasifies the pomace to about 12 water. , Follow-up processes such as granulation and packaging can be configured according to the user's own needs.

The pomace dryer is developed and produced according to the characteristics of high humidity and high viscosity of pomace. Large-scale processing of pomace has high efficiency and low cost. The dried pomace has low water content, uniform drying and wetness, and low nutritional loss, which is convenient for export and long-term Preservation or feed conversion to re

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