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Soybean meal is a by-product obtained after soybeans are crushed into oil. The fermented soybean meal processed by microbial fermentation contains less anti-nutritional factors, and is rich in small molecule soybean peptides, amino acids, digestive enzymes, vitamins and biologically active factors. It has good palatability and is superior to Multifunctional high-quality protein feed for other soybean products. It is used in piglet, poultry, and aquaculture to replace high-priced fish meal, with huge market potential and economic value.

Fermented soybean meal dryer production process: fermented soybean meal usually adopts solid-state fermentation method, add appropriate amount of water, mix soybean meal: bran 100:6, inoculate 6.00% 1:3 Aspergillus oryzae: yeast, ferment for 72 hours to mature, and stir with vigorous blades. The tumble dryer is dehydrated to 12% instantaneously at low temperature, crushed to 30-80 mesh, cooled to room temperature and packaged to complete the processing process

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