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How to reuse the large amount of distiller's lees in the winery? At present, the commonly used method is to carry out precipitation treatment through the distiller's lees dryer, which is convenient for long-term storage or the production of distiller's lees as feed and fuel. How to dry the lees?

Drying and reuse process of vinasse

After being dehydrated by a dehydrator, the wet vinasse with a water content of more than 60 will be transported by a conveyor to the distiller’s lees dryer. Under the turning of the evenly-distributed copy plate in the cylinder, a uniform material curtain is formed in full contact with the hot air, and it is quickly removed. The moisture of the wet distiller's grains evaporates and gasifies to about 12 water. The dried slag is discharged out of the drying drum through a sealed discharge screw conveyor, and the waste gas is discharged into the atmosphere from the chimney after being treated by the dust removal device. The subsequent packaging process can be configured according to the customer's own needs.

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