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What can sweet potatoes without starch be used for? At present, the commonly used method is for poultry and livestock breeding, but the fresh sweet potato residue contains a lot of water, which is perishable and deteriorates, causing waste of resources and environmental pollution. Therefore, a sweet potato residue dryer can be used for mechanical drying treatment to extend the storage time and improve its resource utilization value.

The sweet potato dregs dryer is developed for the characteristics of sweet potato starch processing leftovers. It adopts mechanical dehydration + drum drying + air-flow drying. The large-scale processing of sweet potato dregs has low cost and high efficiency. After drying, the dried sweet potato dregs are evenly wet and colored. Good, low nutrient loss, strong palatability, and effectively increase animal feed intake.

The sweet potato dregs with starch removed can not only realize the high-value reuse of its resources, but also reduce the surrounding environmental pollution and create secondary profits for the enterprise. It can be described as a good way to achieve multiple benefits. Zhengzhou Dingli sweet potato residue dryer is customized and supplied. There is no upper limit for processing more than 20 tons per day. The equipment can run continuously for 24 hours with higher efficiency.

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