Drying machine for pasture: the advantages of drying pasture

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Drying machine for pasture: the advantages of drying pasture

1. Conducive to long-term storage: Forage grass and other plants with relatively high water content need to be dried as soon as possible after harvesting. If pasture is stacked for a long time, it will become hot, black and mildewed. After the forage is dried, it can be stored for a long time.

2. Nutritional palatability: The color of the dried pasture is green, and the smell and nutrients of the pasture are retained. The animals are more palatable to eat and promote digestion.

3. Conducive to transportation: The basic form of the dried forage has been kept stable, and after processing, it is suitable for long-distance transportation and handling, and can be used as feed storage to improve economic value.

4. Other functions: the dried pasture can be combined with other such as cow dung, cinder, nutrient soil, etc., and can be used as a base material for flower fertilizer and fungus culture medium.

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