How does the vinasse dehydrator work?

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After being dehydrated, the brewer’s spent grains are usually dried to make feed. This is because the brewer’s spent grains contain a certain amount of protein, which can be used as feed materials. After the brewer’s spent grains are processed, it can also be dried into fuel or spray-dried. Make feed, etc.

Beer lees dehydration can use screw extrusion dehydrator and belt press. The beer lees belt dehydrator is more adaptable and suitable for the dehydration of a variety of wet materials. It is suitable for dehydration of mixed materials such as beer lees, bean dregs, and potato dregs. Has a higher effect. The belt-type dewatering equipment for beer lees adopts a vertical "S"-type double-roller filter drainage structure and utilizes the tension of the filter belt to improve the dewatering capacity of the belt filter press. It is equipped with a mesh belt speed regulation and deviation correction tensioning device. , The operation is stable, the dehydration effect is guaranteed, and the production efficiency is high.

The model of beer lees belt dehydrator can be customized, and the daily processing capacity is 10 tons to more than 100 tons. At the same time, our company customizes beer lees tumble dryer (high temperature hot air dryer or steam distiller’s lees dryer), supporting beer lees belt filter press, drying to about 15% moisture content, and at the same time, a complete set of equipment for processing beer lees. , From free installation to technical commissioning, ensure that the production line of beer lees dehydration and drying equipment is put into operation on time.

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