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Corn stalks are widely used and have the following 5 uses:

1. Straw returning to the field: it can be directly returned to the field, high temperature composting, etc.

2. Straw feed: it can be used as a raw material for silage or ammoniated feed for animal husbandry. The dryer can be stored for a long time after drying.

3. Straw biogas: less prone to decay than manure biogas digesters, and higher gas production rate.

4. Production of edible fungi from straw: After crushing, it can be fermented to produce edible fungi such as mushrooms, oyster mushrooms and coprinus comatus.

5. Straw paper-making: It can produce light-weight, degradable plastic bags, and can also be used to make paper.

Focus on the straw feed. Use the corn stalk dryer of Dingli Company, using high temperature hot air drying or low temperature steam drying process to quickly reduce the moisture of the corn stalks to about 12, and the dried corn stalks are evenly wet and dry, with good color and nutrition. It has low loss and strong palatability, which reduces the cost of feeding and is conducive to the development of animal husbandry.

If you have a large amount of straw that needs to be processed for feed, please consult us.

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