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The sweet potato residue extruder is the equipment used for the separation and dehydration of sweet potato powder residue. The sweet potato residue is subjected to solid-liquid separation treatment by mechanical extrusion. The dehydrated sweet potato residue has a high solid content and can be directly packaged and transported or further processed. The diagram of the sweet potato residue extruder is one of the ways for users to understand the structure of the equipment. Therefore, this article will share the actual diagram of the nine-day sweet potato residue extruder.

Sweet potato residue extrusion machine diagram

The sweet potato residue extruder generally uses a belt-type extrusion structure. The process principle: the potato residue is conveyed to the hopper of the dehydrator through a conveyor, and spread evenly on the filter belt through a spiral distributor. The filter belt follows the operation of the equipment. , The limiter plate scrapes the height of the material layer to make the thickness of the material completely uniform; then the upper and lower two fully tensioned ring-shaped filter belts clamp the material layer. Driven by the driving roller, the pair of rollers in the dewatering zone are continuously multiple. The second mechanical squeezing can squeeze out a large amount of water. According to the characteristics of potato dregs, the extrusion force is automatically adjusted to meet the customer's moisture requirements for potato dregs.

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