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Small forage dryer, the dried forage completely retains the nutrients of fresh forage, bright color, fragrant smell, instead of drying and nutrient loss after drying, and the price of small forage dryer and technical parameters such as The details of power and floor space can be seen in the quotation plan.

Working principle of small forage dryer

The wet green feed is fed into the feeding end of the forage drying equipment through the feeding organization. Under the combined action of the screw driving force, the guide plate and the material's own gravity, a uniform material curtain is formed through the material board, and the heated air is in full contact with the material curtain. , To achieve sufficient heat exchange, and finally introduce a dust removal device in the discharge area, and discharge it into the atmosphere after purification.

Air flow treatment principle of small forage dryer

The small forage dryer is equipped with an indirect clean hot air stove. The clean air is pressurized by the blower and enters the heat exchanger for heating, and the temperature reaches 150-350℃. It is sucked into the dryer by the induced draft fan after the dryer to dry the material and evaporate the moisture. It is lowered to 35-55℃ and discharged from the dryer, and the dust-containing moisture is purified by the dust collector and discharged up to the standard.

Price and technical parameters of small forage dryer

How much is a small forage dryer, one depends on the manufacturer's positioning, and the other depends on the performance of the dryer. Zhengzhou Dingli forage dryer manufacturer has a history of 18 years. Both domestic and export forage drying equipment are affordable and cost-effective.

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