Catering waste dryer solves the problem of recycling food waste

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Catering waste is mainly composed of waste food such as leftovers. If it is directly discarded or treated as general urban waste, it will not only pollute the environment and increase the amount of urban waste, but also cause waste of these waste food.

In recent years, food waste has always been a major concern for some catering companies. The catering waste dryer equipment developed by Zhengzhou Dingli Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. solves the problem of recycling and reuse of catering waste.

The food waste dryer system uses crushing materials to facilitate subsequent dehydration. After dehydration, the dehydrated materials are dried, which reduces drying energy consumption, and inactivates harmful microorganisms in the materials during the high-temperature drying process, and does not need to be set up separately The sterilization process simplifies the process of material processing and saves the energy required for individual sterilization. After drying and sterilization, the material is made into pellet feed, which facilitates the packaging, storage, transportation and use of feed products, and can be used in the process According to the nature of the material and the nutritional requirements required by the feed, feed additives are appropriately added to adjust the feed that meets the nutritional requirements, which is conducive to the scientific feeding of the animals being fed.

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