Can I use a flash dryer to dry okara?

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Bean dregs dehydration includes mechanical extrusion and high temperature drying. The dehydration capabilities of the two machines are different. The bean dregs dryer is divided into a drum dryer and a flash dryer. The bean dregs flash dryer is mostly used for bean dregs processing cat litter. Therefore, the flash dryer is also suitable for drying bean dregs and bean curd dregs.

The flash drying host is equipped with a rotary cutting device. The drying material is crushed and refined by shearing, rotating, collision, friction, etc., and is highly dispersed to achieve the effect of efficient and rapid evaporation of water. The drying efficiency is high, and the moisture and particle size requirements of the bean dregs processing cat litter are met, the drying cost is also low, and the technical process is mature.

At the same time, the flash dryer is equipped with an air filter, and the heat medium is cleaner, providing production conditions for the hygienic requirements of the food industry. Cyclone separation and bag dust removal to improve material recovery rate. Increase the profit of bean dregs drying.

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