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What can I do with the starchy waste of potatoes? After the potato dregs are processed by the potato dregs dryer, it can be stored for a long time or processed into feed, so as to turn waste into treasure.

Potato starch residue is the main by-product of potato starch or vermicelli processing. It contains a large amount of cellulose, pectin and other available components. It has a large output and is economical and easy to obtain. , It is not conducive to storage, transportation or feed processing. With the help of potato dregs dryer for precipitation treatment, it is easy to solve the problem of potato dregs storage.

The potato dregs dryer is developed and produced according to the characteristics of potato dregs. It adopts mechanical dehydration + tumble drying + air drying and other processes to quickly reduce the moisture content of potato dregs to about 12. The subsequent packaging process can be configured according to user production requirements. The dried potato dregs have good color, little nutrient loss and strong palatability, which can effectively increase the feed intake of livestock.

Zhengzhou Dingli specializes in the production of potato dregs dryers. According to customer production requirements, we can provide customized services for a complete set of potato dregs drying feed processing equipment, and free installation and commissioning, technical guidance, etc., to ensure that the potato dregs dryer project can operate sustainably, efficiently and stably .

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