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The bean dregs drying to make feed or cat litter has a good market prospect and high economic value. How much is the 60% moisture content of bean dregs? The 20-year bean dregs dryer manufacturer in Henan will introduce you in detail.

The bean dregs dryer is the main equipment for reusing the waste residue of soy products. It can be used for dehydration of bean dregs, bean curd dregs, bean curd dregs and other materials. No difference in moisture content after drying. How much is the 60% moisture content of bean dregs? This mainly depends on the user's requirements for the moisture content of the finished product. At present, the commonly used moisture content in the production of bean dregs feed or bean dregs cat litter is about 12%. If you have other requirements for the moisture content of the bean dregs dry material, you can click the online customer service to have a professional technical engineer to measure it for you. Design and production plan.

Zhengzhou Dingli customizes the supply of a complete set of equipment for the bean dregs drying production line, which is directly supplied by the manufacturer, with preferential prices, and provides free equipment installation and commissioning, technical guidance and other services. Friends who want to know more technical details, videos or watch the scene of the bean dregs dryer can call

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