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A large amount of brewer grains will be produced during the brewing process of the winery. These distiller's grains have high water content. Improper handling will cause pollution to the surrounding environment. In fact, the distiller's grains are rich in nutrients, which can be reused after treatment, creating secondary benefits for the enterprise . So how can the lees residue be reused?

According to the different brewing methods, the moisture content of fresh distiller's grains is generally about 60%-80%, and the moisture content is high. It is necessary to use a distiller's grains dryer for dehydration treatment to improve the storage time of the distiller's grains and the quality of the finished product. The technological process is as follows: after the distiller's grains with a moisture content of about 80% are dehydrated to about 60% by a dehydrator, they are transported to the distiller's grains dryer through a conveyor, and the water is quickly evaporated by full contact with hot air, and the dried distiller's grains can be dried. Processed into feed, fuel, organic fertilizer, etc., completely solve the environmental pollution, and realize the reuse of distiller's grains resources.

The emergence of the distiller's grains dryer not only realizes the reuse of distiller's grains resources, but also increases economic benefits for customers. Therefore, it is deeply loved by customers in the market. As a large-scale distiller's grain dryer manufacturer, Zhengzhou Dingli not only serves customers Provide professional distiller's grains drying equipment, and professional technical personnel to provide customized products for customers. If you want to know more, you can consult online customer service for free.

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