Introduction of Timothy Grass Drying Process

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How to dry timothy grass? Zhengzhou Dingli rotary dryer has a large capacity, high efficiency, and energy-saving. It is used in conjunction with a clean hot air stove, which is especially suitable for drying high moisture materials such as forage, grass, silage, amaranth, the dried pasture has good color, good palatability and high nutrient content.

Timothy grass dryer process principle

Timothy grass is sent to the drum by the conveyor for downstream drying, and is continuously picked up and scattered under the inner layer of the copy board, and moves forward in a spiral manner to realize the heat exchange between the timothy grass and the hot air, and the timothy grass is in the air.Under the action of wind, the wet timothy grass can not travel fast due to its own weight, and the wet timothy grass that has not reached the drying effect cannot move quickly.Produce the required water content, complete the drying, and discharge by the screw conveyor.

Zhengzhou Dingli customized a complete set of Timothy grass crushing, drying and baling machines.

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