How to deal with potato starch residue?

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The process of potato starch dregs dryer processing : the moisture 80-85% potato dregs first pass through a special dehydrator, the moisture is removed to about 68%, and then sent to the mixing drum dryer by the screw conveyor for downstream drying. The potato dregs are continuously picked up and scattered under the copying board and move forward in a spiral manner. The built-in stirring blade device fully stirs and breaks the potato dregs, and fully expands the heat exchange area between the potato dregs and the hot gas. The moisture quickly evaporates and vaporizes to about 35%. After completing the drum drying process, it is discharged from the screw conveyor and enters the special crusher for semi-wet potato dregs. The particle size of the potato dregs is crushed to a certain level and enters the pulse air drying process. The potato dregs are rapidly reduced. To the customer's demand for moisture below.

During the process of processing potatoes into starch, a certain amount of potato starch residue will be produced. The annual output of potato starch processing by starch factories is generally large, so there are a lot of remaining potato residues. How to process and utilize the remaining potato residues from potato starch? Because potato starch residue contains certain nutrients, it can be used as feed raw material. Starch residue feed dryer is widely used in the process of potato residue processing and utilization.

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