Protein feed processing and production equipment, kitchen waste dryer

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 Kitchen waste refers to the garbage generated in the daily life of residents and in food processing, catering services, unit meals and other activities, including discarded vegetable leaves, leftovers, leftovers, fruit peels, egg shells, tea residues, bones, etc. The main sources are home kitchens, restaurants, restaurants, canteens, markets and other industries related to food processing. Kitchen waste has high water content, high organic content, and the oil and fat content is much higher than that of other wastes. Food waste has a high recycling value, its main components are starch, dietary fiber, animal fat, etc., rich in protein, vitamins, edible oils, minerals and cellulose, rich in nutrients, and is an important part of the production of animal waste. Rich resource of feed and organic matter.

After sorting, dehydration, degreasing, drying and crushing, kitchen waste can be made into high-nutrition animal feed with a protein content of 20-30%. It can be fed to pigs, chickens, and can also be used for pets. The products meet the requirements of hygiene, environmental protection, agriculture and other standards, and the equipment, facilities and techniques for manufacturing feed are basically mature. In foreign countries, such as Germany, Finland, Cuba and other countries, kitchen waste is properly treated and used in conjunction with feed to make it a resource. Quality inspection is required after kitchen waste is made into feed to ensure safety.

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