Sustainable Uses of Spent Grain, Dingli Spent Grain Drying Machine

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Brewer's grains are the main by-product in beer production. The grains are rich in nutrients and contain a variety of organic compounds, B vitamins and cellulose. Crude protein content can reach about 25%, it is a good choice for cattle or other animal feed.

Zhengzhou Dingli's professionally designed distiller's grains feed comprehensive processing production line can turn waste into treasure and reuse it. The production line is continuous, stable and reliable, with low input cost, convenient installation and maintenance, and can basically achieve unmanned operation. Both dehydration and drying are ideal. The nutritional content of brewer's grains remains unchanged after testing. Can be used as livestock feed.

The working principle of the brewer's grain dryer:

The brewer's grains dryer is mainly composed of a heat supply source, a feeder, a feeder, a rotary drum, a discharger, an induced draft fan, a discharger and a power distribution cabinet; after the dehydrated wet brewer's grains enter the dryer, Under the turning of the evenly distributed copying plate in the drum, it is evenly dispersed in the dryer and fully contacted with the hot air, which accelerates the heat and mass transfer of drying. During the drying process, under the action of the inclined copy board and the heat medium, the beer grains are discharged to the star-shaped discharge valve of the other section of the dryer to discharge the dried products.

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